Monday, January 31, 2011

INTERNET "MOVE BROKERS" - Warnings, Complaints, Dangers, Risk etc.

     Hello again and welcome to the true "inside" of the moving industry.  All Pro Movers - solely in Wilmington, NC,  is a one of a kind operation designed to provide our customers with the best movers in Wilmington for the lowest cost.  We have been saving people money for 10 years by simply showing them faster, cheaper ways of moving - either local or long distance.  Please visit our website to find out more.  This blog will expose the numerous ways traditional moving companies rip-off their customers time and time again.   
     If you are thinking about hiring an internet "move broker" to handle your long-distance move let me give you one piece of advice:  DO NOT HIRE AN INTERNET MOVE BROKER.  There are just too many scams going on.  The theives are thick in this neck of the virtual world.  Too many people getting burned for thousands of dollars - paying for movers and no movers show up.  The scams can be simple or elaborate but, either way, you are going to be the one who pays the price.
     The service these companies provide is coordination - simple logistics.  They contract with 3rd party moving companies based exclusively on lowest price.  Then they jack up the price for the move and bill you.  They are charging you a lot of money for something you could do.  All you need is access to the internet and a telephone.   And you would do a better job finding the BEST movers because you actually care about the move and not just the money.  Book your own move or have a friend set it up for you.  Get phone numbers online and CALL the moving companies directly.  Speak with humans - get rates - it is not hard and, it is so much safer than trusting a move broker who is not affiliated with any actual moving company. 
     Last piece of advice - GET RATES IN WRITING.

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