Friday, January 28, 2011


     Typically, the individual packing/boxing of large pictures and mirrors, is just one more way for traditional moving companies to raise your bill.  They are going to charge you for extensive packing supplies and the actual packing is going to take time on the clock - plenty of time.  Moving companies love this kind of easy cash.  They will be happy to box every picture and mirror in its' own custom box.  And they may even build additional boxes to put those boxes into, if they haven't run out of boxes at this point.
     Let me tell you how to safely, quickly and easily transport large and small pictures in your rental truck.  If you are loading a rental truck with your household goods then the odds are good that you will have a mattress/box springs.  You may have several sets of matt/box.  Mattress and box springs should be loaded  across the width of the truck, standing vertically.  These create great "walls" in the load for tying off, and are usually loaded at thre back of the truck.  Large pictures and mirrors will find a safe home here.  take one or more furniture pads/blankets and roll it a few times and place it on the floor of the truck in between the mattress and box springs.  Place large pictures/mirrors and stand them vertically on the pad between matt/box.  Place pictures "back to back".  Depending on the size of the pieces - usually 4 is how many will go safely (2 next to 2) but you can get more by using pads as a barrier when going "face to face".
     If you do not have matt/box then you need to "sidewall" the pictures.  Tying off most/all pictures in one spot.  Stand pictures vertically, on the floor of the truck, on a few pads.  Back-to back, largest to smallest with pads seperating all face-to face occurances.  Tie this pack of pickled pictures to the sidewall/rubrail of the truck.  This can be risky and time should be taken on the order of frame sizes - largest to smallest.
     Small pictures go fastest in big boxes.  Build large box/boxes and  get a couple furniture pads/blankets.  Fill the box first with part of a pad.  Pack 2 framed pictures "back-to-back", then cover the exposed pictures front with more pad.  Then 2 more "back-to-back" and continue until they are all packed and padded.  It is a fast way to safely move a lot of pictures.  Often times these boxes will not close.  Load these boxes on a stout piece of furniture in the truck.  Try to keep these boxes off the floor of the truck as they just waste space there.
     If you have high value paintings then, of course, you do want them boxed individually, or crated. 
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