Tuesday, February 1, 2011

If you are going to HIRE PROFESSIONAL MOVERS...

     Okay, today I am going to give one simple piece of advice to those of you who elect to hire professional movers.
     A common misconception held by the public is that "movers" know how to move furniture.  This is, of course, not always true.  All movers have to learn the trade.  The way you learn how to move furniture, sadly, is by making mistakes (or watching other movers make mistakes).  Mistakes on a moving job equate to damage, injury or both.  "Rookie" movers, movers in their first year or two, probably account for 90% of all damage on move jobs nationwide.  Almost all national moving companies employ rookies because they can pay them a pittance and reap huge, HUGE, profits off of their labor. 
     When you hire professional movers, your experience with a specific company will be based, most times, on your actual moving crew.  You do not know who will arrive.  A common 2-man crew, in most national moving companies, will consist of a "veteran" and an (ever-changing) rookie partner.  I could tell you horror stories about rookie movers.  They imperil everything and everyone on the job site.  Beyond that, they will require constant instruction from the veteran.  Provided they have dispatched a veteran. 
     So here is my advice:  No matter which moving company you hire, do yourself a favor and ask for an ALL VETERAN CREW.  Tell them specifically that you do not want any rookies on your job.  The person who is booking jobs for your moving company will know exactly what you are talking about.  If they cannot guarantee this stipulation then you need to find a different moving company.  No question.
     At All Pro Movers, a "one of a kind" moving company working in Wilmington, NC, our name really says it all.  Our business model, for 10 years now, has been to exclusively employ true professional movers.  No rookies.  Potential employees for All Pro Movers must have 3 years proven experience in all facets of moving, pass a criminal background check, and then finally pass a skills test to gain employment with us.  We avoid damage by avoiding rookies.  You should do the same!  Best of luck.

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