Thursday, August 4, 2011

SAVE THOUSANDS!! Wilmington NC Movers ALL PRO Long Distance ABF

Unload 13' of an ABF U-Pack trailer into a 3 bedroom home with hardwood floors. This home was probably built in the 1950's and featured some interior doorways that were a mere 20". The customer requested placement of both a desk and a large recliner in an office room. Our movers, with years of experience, were able to negotiate the pieces through the doorways, without touching the walls, and place the items exactly where she wanted them. That is what our reputation is based on - the best movers in Wilmington for the lowest total move cost. This customer moved to the Wilmington area from Seattle, WA. She saved thousands of dollars on a cross-country move through simple logistics. She used a company called ABF Upack to do transportation, and only transportation. ABF will not load or unload your household goods, but they will drive your goods anywhere. There is a much cheaper alternative to the traditional "common carrier" (2-men & a truck, atlas, etc.) and the alternative is ABF. Want to save thousands of dollars on a long distance move? 1) Hire local professional movers in your current city/town to come out and professionally load your goods onto an ABF trailer. Small bill for movers loading. 2) ABF transports your goods to your new city/town. Cost varies with distance and quantity. Always, always substantially cheaper than a "common carrier". 3) Hire local professional movers (like ALL PRO MOVERS Wilmington NC and surrounding area) in your new city to come out and unload the goods into your new residence. Small bill for movers unloading. Add up those 3 bills. You are going to save a ton of money. Based on the amount of goods this customer had to move (3-bedroom home), I would estimate she saved about $4,000 verses "common carrier" prices. She is now in Wilmington and that $4K is still in her pocket!!!
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