Wednesday, July 27, 2011

SAVE THOUSANDS!! Wilmington NC Movers ALL PRO Long Distance American

Load entire contents of a 2 bedroom/living room/kitchen/dining room/den+ outdoor furniture onto a 28' ABF trailer. Load going from Wilmington NC to Iowa.
ABF (nationwide trailer transport company) charges $72 per linear foot on their trailers. The customer believed her belongings would probably fill the entire 28' trailer.
We dispatched a 3-man supercrew.
ALL PRO MOVERS had her trailer packed square-solid, and ABF bulkhead installed, in less than 2 hours. (!!!) Her entire house fit, perfectly packed and safely, in 11 linear feet of the trailer.
Based on her estimate (taking the entire trailer) ALL PRO MOVERS SAVED THIS CUSTOMER $1225!!!
Including loading/transport/unloading (3 seperate bills), this customer is moving her entire home from Wilmington to Iowa for LESS THAN $2,000!!!!!!!
Call the "common carriers", and get estimates from them. Then call us.
ALL PRO MOVERS 910-232-6052
Move for less, call the best!!
Free estimates.

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