Wednesday, June 15, 2011

ALL PRO MOVERS Customer Testimonial

Hello there.  I will be posting All Pro Movers post-job customer testimonials on this blog from here on.  (Wish I had started doing this 10 years ago!)  Here is a brief conversation with another one of All Pro Movers 100% satisfied customers.  Eventually I will develope a list of questions that the crew leader will ask the customer and these reviews will be more extensive.

Job description:  Contents 1 Bedroom+Living Room+Kitchen (Furniture+Boxes)+carry additional goods to garage.  Local move (Carolina Beach) -  load and unload 2nd floor to 2nd floor.  Total job time 1 hour 45 minutes.
Total bill for All Pro Movers:  $150.
The best movers in Wilmington, NC and always the lowest total move cost.  Here is proof...

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